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All dogs must be friendly to humans and must have proof of up-to-date parvo-distemper and rabies shots. We also recommend Bordetella shots. Cats must also have proof of up-to-date distemper and rabies shots, and all male cats must be neutered.
Cat BoardingCats are boarded in a separate facility. Our quests are given enclosures 60”W x 30”D x 62”H, made especially for our surroundings. We feed Purina One chicken cat food and Iams chicken cat food. There is an attached greenhouse which gives extra light and beauty, and classical music is played.
Each “Inn” is heated and air conditioned, and in a peaceful, beautiful setting with flowers and music. Several of the inns have greenhouses with pet-safe plants. If requested in advance, we may be able to place multiple family dogs together in one of our larger inns.

Each pet has its own private inside and covered outside area, so they can see everything while being safe and protected. At some of our Inns your pet can observe our mini horses and show- quality bantam chickens. (And, our permanent residents, Misty the cat and Colin the bunny.)

Dog BoardingThough we feed our guests Purina One chicken dog food and Iams chicken, and can prepare special diets of chicken and rice, you may want to provide the food your pet is familiar with. You may also want to bring along your pets favorite dish, toys and bedding to help in making them feel at home. Please remember to label your pet’s personal items. Pets are never crated, but there is sufficient room in the Inn if you bring a crate for your pet to use as a bed.

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